Call for Papers for SESAH 2015 Annual Meeting

SESAH 2015 Annual Meeting

San Antonio, Texas

October 14-17

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San Antonio is a city with a rich and diverse architectural heritage. Born of a confluence of Native American, Spanish colonial, Mexican, German and Southern cultures, it is a quintessential “melting pot” American city in the heart of Texas. This diversity is apparent in the built environment: 18th-century Spanish Colonial, 19th-century German and Tejano vernacular buildings, Victorian commercial structures, the Regional Modernism of architect O’Neil Ford, and the legacy of the city’s many military bases, just to name a few. Celebrated as the home of the Alamo and the Riverwalk, San Antonio is also set to be the first World Heritage site in Texas as we await the result of the nomination of the Spanish Colonial Missions to the UNESCO World Heritage List for 2015. The city has a strong tradition of historic preservation and heritage tourism that continues today.

The SESAH 2015 conference in San Antonio seeks to provide a forum for exploration of the cultural diversity of the architecture of Texas and the Southeastern United States. Therefore papers are encouraged that address the following themes: Indigenous and Native American architecture; Tejano, Hispanic, and Mexican architectural heritage; 19th-century vernacular; Spanish Revivalism; architecture of the New Deal; 20th century Regional Modernism; military architecture; historic preservation and heritage tourism.

In addition to seeking papers that address these issues we also welcome papers that address other aspects of architectural history. The conference committee is well aware of the rich diversity of scholarship in the southeast and this annual conference always highlights this fact. We also encourage graduate students to submit abstracts—this conference offers a unique regional venue to present graduate work, to receive feedback on work-in-progress, to meet other graduate students, and to meet scholars working in the southeast.

Abstract Submission

Paper abstracts must include (1) a paper title, (2) a 300-500-word abstract, (3) a 300-word biography of the author and (4) contact information (authors name, affiliation, email address, and phone number). Note: paper presentations are limited to 20 minutes in length.

Please send your abstract submission to Nicholas Fuqua ( Abstract submissions are due by May 1, 2015.