Monthly Archives: October 2015

SESAH Article Prize Announced at 2015 Annual Meeting

It is a commonplace of two generations of scholarship about urban history that the center city has declined in the face of unending suburbanization.  Andrew Sandoval-Strausz resoundingly contradicts this by arguing that recent changes in urban status call for a new urban history accounting for transnational population shifts and many […]

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2015 SESAH Essay Prize Announced

So many qualities combine to celebrate the work of Richard Longstreth.  Beautifully composed pictures taken in 1965 share pages with others taken just a year or so ago.  Secondary references encyclopedically chart the rise of movements in diverse fields, and are well balanced by primary research into archives and the […]

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2015 SESAH Book Award

It is unusual that SESAH’s Award of Excellence for a Book honor a work on Native American architecture.  In fact, it has never been done.  This is likely because when such publications have appeared, they lean hard on the archeologically technical or the anthropologically social scientific.  Carrie Dilley’s Thatched Roofs […]

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2015 Best of the South Award Announced

2015 Best of the South Award Announced Established in 2006, SESAH’s annual Best of the South (BOTS): Preserving Southern Architecture Award honors a project that preserves or restores an historic building, or complex of buildings, in an outstanding manner and demonstrates excellence in research, technique, and documentation. This year, the […]

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