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2019 SESAH Conference Keynote Speaker

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Keynote speaker Sarah Williams Goldhagen will present a lecture at the 2019 SESAH conference in Greensboro, South Carolina, tentatively titled “The Next Environmental Revolution.”

Sarah Williams Goldhagen writes, lectures, and consults on Human Centered Design for architecture and landscapes, cities and urban design, infrastructure and public art — all the things that constitute our built environment. The author of the widely discussed, prize-winning Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives, she sits on the Advisory Boards of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, the Van Alen Institute of New York, and Turf Advisory. Goldhagen, a 2019 fellow at the New York Urban Design forum, is a contributing editor at Art in America and Architectural Record; for many years, she was the New Republic’s architecture critic, and taught for a decade at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Goldhagen has lectured at numerous universities and colleges nationally and internationally, and her award-winning essays appear regularly in professional and general-interest publications.

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