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Arris and UNC Press

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SESAH is excited to announce that our annual scholarly journal, Arris, is now published by the University of North Carolina Press! Earlier this year, we partnered with UNC Press to publish Arris with Volume 29 (2018) arriving in your mailbox within the next week or two. Volume 30 (2019) is currently underway with an anticipated publication date of spring of 2020. “Since launching Arris in 1989, this is the first time we have partnered with an academic press,” stated past president Robbie Jones. “We are thrilled that SESAH is now partnering with one of the most prestigious academic presses in the country.”

“UNC Press is honored and excited to be working with SESAH,” said John McLeod, director of the Office of Scholarly Publishing Services. “The Press has a strong tradition of publishing scholarly and general interest work about Southeastern landscapes and built environments, so Arris is a nice compliment to our book and journals programs. We’re eager to collaborate with SESAH on strategies to promote and grow the journal.”

As we have done since launching our journal in 1989, Arris will continue to be edited and prepared by SESAH board members, while UNC Press is responsible for copyediting, graphics, printing, distributing, and institutional subscriptions. Original research articles are peer-reviewed. The journal also contains field notes and book reviews. We are working on making back issues available in digital format and making Arris content available to a wider audience.

Independent scholars Virginia Price and Al Willis served as co-editors of Volume 29 (2018) and Mark Reinberger of the University of Georgia will serve as editor of Volumes 30-32 (2019-2021). Vandana Baweja of the University of Florida serves as our book review editor. We are very grateful for their hard work and volunteer service to SESAH!

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