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2020 ARRIS Call for Article Submissions

ARRIS, the journal of the Southeast Society of Architectural Historians, solicits article submissions for peer review for upcoming issues. There is no specific deadline but please submit articles as soon as possible. We are changing to a rolling submission policy in which we will move forward with our annual journal as soon as we have a sufficient number of articles.

ARRIS is now published by the University of North Carolina Press, and articles will be listed in JSTOR. Submissions should consist of three MS Word documents:

1. the article with title but without author’s name;
2. a title page with author’s name and contact information;
3. an abstract not exceeding 200 words.

Illustrations may be submitted in a pdf document, individual jpg files, or with a link to an external file-sharing location from which they can be downloaded.

Please send submissions to the editor, Mark Reinberger,

Submission guidelines can be found on the organization’s website.