Submission Guidelines:  Articles and Field Notes

Manuscript articles and field notes should be submitted to the editors in electronic format. An initial submission should consist of the following MS Word documents (.docx) and PDF file formatted in the following manner, which enables blind peer review:

  1. Full paper as a Word document. It should include the paper title, but not the author’s name (or authors’ names) anywhere on the manuscript. It should be prepared for printing on standard size paper and in 12-point type. The pages should be double-spaced with one inch margins and numbered consecutively. Figures should be referenced within the body of the text at the end of a sentence, but before the period, e.g. sentence text (Figure X). Endnotes with citations, not footnotes, should be double-spaced at the end of the paper, using the Endnote function in MS Word. After its initial citation, a source that is repeated may use a short form with author’s last name, short title, page number.
  2. A title page, with the author’s name and contact information as a Word document.
  3. An abstract not exceeding 150 words, double-spaced, without the author’s name or any information that identifies the author, as a Word document. It should summarize the research question, research approach, and findings.
  4. Illustrations, typically no more than 15, each on a single page accompanied by a text caption beginning with “Figure X” and ending with the source in parentheses. All pages should be saved as one PDF document, without the author’s name or any information that identifies the author. The images can be low resolution.

These four files should be named using the author’s last name and a brief description of the content of the file, for example, Lastname_Arris_paper_keyword.docx (i.e., Smith_Arris_paper_TajMahal.docx, Smith_Arris_title_TajMahal.docx, Smith_Arris_abstract_TajMahal.docx, and Smith_Arris_illus_TajMahal.pdf)

For further editorial details and examples of citations, authors should follow the applicable guidelines used by the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (JSAH) and described in the “Guidelines for Authors” found on the SAH website. Guidelines applicable to Arris begin with the section “Form of the Manuscript,” up to and including “Tips for Obtaining Image Permissions,” but excluding “Labeling of Illustrations.” These guidelines follow the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Submission Guidelines: Book Reviews

Book reviews should be submitted to the editor in electronic format by email as an MS Word document (.docx).

Book reviews must be headed with this information: author of the book, title, place of publication, publisher, date, number of pages, number of color and black-and-white illustrations, price, and ISBN. The review author’s name and institutional affiliation should appear at the bottom of the text.