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2019 Publications Awards Call for Nominations

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2019 Publication Awards SESAH invites nominations for the 2019 Publication Awards. The SESAH Awards honor outstanding scholarship about the architecture of the South or by authors who reside in the South (defined as SESAH member states). Three categories of publication are recognized: books, journal articles, and essays published in edited volumes. The Publications Awards also recognize the category of guidebooks […]

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Winners of the 2016 SESAH Publication Awards Announced

Essay in an Edited Volume Louis P. Nelson, “The Falmouth House and Store:  The Social Landscapes of Caribbean Commerce in the Eighteenth Century,” in Building the British Atlantic World:  Spaces, Places, and Material Culture 1600 – 1850, edited by Daniel Maudlin and Bernard Herman, University of North Carolina Press, 2016. […]

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2015 SESAH Book Award

It is unusual that SESAH’s Award of Excellence for a Book honor a work on Native American architecture.  In fact, it has never been done.  This is likely because when such publications have appeared, they lean hard on the archeologically technical or the anthropologically social scientific.  Carrie Dilley’s Thatched Roofs […]

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