The annual SESAH Publication Awards honor outstanding scholarly publications about the architecture of the South, or by authors who reside in the South (defined as SESAH member states). The following categories of publication are now recognized: 

– book
– journal article
– essay published in an edited volume
– guidebook that increases knowledge and awareness of architecture in the southeast region.

Book: Christina E. Crawford, Spatial Revolution:  Architecture and Planning in the Early Soviet Union (Cornell University Press, 2022).
Article: Bryan E. Norwood, “The Southern Picturesque:  Visions of the New and Old South in the Lower Mississippi River Valley.” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 82.1 (2023):  23-45.
Article (Honorable Mention):  Willa Granger, “Eldercare at the Margins:  Keeping UP to Code at the Stephen Smith Home,” The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 145.3 (2021), 305-338.
Essay:  Robin B. Williams, “The Global Spread of Street Pavement Materials and Technology, 1820-1920,” in Heathcott, Joseph, ed., The Routledge Handbook of Infrastructure Design (New York:  Routledge, 2022), 211-221.
Guidebook: Brent R. Fortenberry, ed., A Field Guide to the Vernacular Buildings of the San Antonio Area (College Station:  Texas A&M University Press, 2021).

Book: Tara A. Dudley, Building Antebellum New Orleans: Free People of Color and Their Influence (University of Texas Press, 2021).
Article: Lydia Mattice Brandt, Philip Mills Herrington, “The 1960s Antebellum Plantation at Stone Mountain, Georgia,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 81.1 (2022): 63-84.
Essay: Dainese Elisa, “Postwar Connections and Transatlantic Encounters: The Mozambique-Brazil-Portugal Triangle,” in Fernando Luiz Lara, ed., Decolonizing the Spatial History of the Americas (Austin: The University of Texas Press & CAAD, 2021), 90-101.
Guidebook: Jingle Davis, with photographs by Benjamin Galland, Following the Tabby Trail:  Where Coastal History Is Captured in Unique Oyster-Shell Structures (University of Georgia Press, 2022).

Book: Nathaniel Walker, Victorian Visions of Suburban Utopia: Abandoning Babylon (Oxford University Press, 2021).
Article: Avigail Sachs, “Research and Democracy: The Architectural Research Division of the Tennessee Valley Authority.” Journal of Architecture 24.7 (2020): 925–49.
Essay: no award given.
Guidebook: Jennifer Baughn and Michael Fazio with Mary Warren Miller, Buildings of Mississippi, Buildings of the United States series of the Society of Architectural Historians (University of Virginia Press, 2021).

Richard Campanella (Tulane University), The West Bank of Greater New Orleans: A Historical Geography, LSU Press, 2020.
Article: Willa Granger (University of Texas, Austin), “‘Order, Convenience, and Beauty’: The Style, Space, and Multiple Narratives of San Felipe Courts,” Buildings & Landscapes 26, no. 1 (Spring 2019): 32-47.
Essay: Lydia Mattice Brandt (University of South Carolina), “The Dangers of Preserving while Popular: The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association’s Image of Mount Vernon versus Contemporary Architecture,” in Stewards of Memory: The Past, Present and Future of Historic Preservation at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, University of Virginia Press, 2018.
Guidebook: Gerald Moorhead (FAIA), with James W. Steely, Willis C. Winters, Mark Gunderson, Jay C. Henry, and Joel Warren Barna, Buildings of Texas, East, North Central, Panhandle and South Plains, and West, University of Virginia Press, 2019.

Book (tie):
Avigail Sachs (University of Tennessee), Environmental Design: Architecture, Politics, and Science in Postwar America, Charlottesville, University of Virginia Press, 2018
Monica Penick (University of Texas), Tastemaker. Elizabeth Gordon, House Beautiful, and the Postwar American Home, New Haven, Yale University Press, 2017
Article:  Louis P. Nelson (University of Virginia), “Object Lesson: Memory and Monument in Charlottesville,” Buildings and Landscapes 25:2, Fall 2018, pp. 17-35
Essay (tie):
Kathryn O’Rourke (Trinity University), “Introduction: The Language of O’Neil Ford,” in O’Neil Ford on Architecture, ed. Kathryn O’Rourke, Austin, University of Texas Press, 2019
George Dodds (University of Tennessee), “Brick Country House. Mies van der Rohe,” in David Leatherbarrow and Alexander Eisenschmidt, eds., Companions to the History of Architecture, Vol. IV, Twentieth Century Architecture, John Wiley & Sons, 2017
Guidebook: Karen Kingsley (Tulane University) and Lake Douglas (Louisiana State University), Buildings of New Orleans, Charlottesville, University of Virginia Press, 2018

Book: John North Hopkins (Rice University), The Genesis of Roman Architecture, Yale University Press, 2016
Article: Nathaniel Walker (College of Charleston), “American Crossroads: General Motors’ Mid-Century Campaign to Promote Modernist Urban Design in Hometown, U.S.A,” in Buildings and Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum, Fall 2016
Essay: Gina Haney, “Understanding Antebellum Charleston’s Backlots Through Light, Sound, and Action,” in Slavery in the City: Architecture and Landscapes in Urban Slavery in North America, eds. Clifton Ellis and Rebecca Ginsburg, University of Virginia Press, 2017
Guidebook: Robin Williams (Savannah College of Art and Design), Buildings of Savannah, University of Virginia Press, 2016

Book: Louis P. Nelson (University of Virginia), Architecture and Empire in Jamaica, Yale University Press, 2016
Special Prize for a collection of essays:  Jeff Shannon (University of Arkansas), ed., Shadow Patterns: Reflections on Fay Jones and His Architecture, University of Arkansas Press, 2017
Article:  Wallis Miller (University of Kentucky), “Points of View: Herbert Bayer’s Exhibition Catalogue for the 1930 Section Allemande,” Architectural Histories 5:1, 2017

Book:  Kenneth Hafertepe (Baylor University), The Material Culture of German Texans, Texas A&M Press, 2016
Article: Dana E. Byrd (Bowdoin College), “Motive Power: Fans, Punkahs, and Fly Brushes in the Antebellum South,” in Buildings and Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum, Spring 2016
Essay:  Louis P. Nelson (University of Virginia), “The Falmouth House and Store:  The Social Landscapes of Caribbean Commerce in the Eighteenth Century,” in Building the British Atlantic World:  Spaces, Places, and Material Culture 1600-1850, eds. Daniel Maudlin and Bernard Herman, University of North Carolina Press, 2016

Book: Carrie Dilley (Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Seminole Indian Museum), Thatched Roofs and Open Sides: The Architecture of Chickees and Their Changing Role in Seminole Society, Gainesville, University Press of Florida, 2015
Article:  Andrew K. Sandoval-Strausz (University of New Mexico), “Latino Landscapes: Postwar Cities and The Transnational Origins of a New American Urbanism” in Journal of American History 101:3, December 2014, 804-31
Essay:  Richard W. Longstreth (George Washington University), “The Continuous Transformation of Savannah’s Broughton Street’ in Looking Beyond the Icons: Midcentury Architecture, Landscape, and Urbanism, ed. Richard W. Longstreth, Charlottesville, University of Virginia Press, 2015, 170-94

Book: Daniel Bluestone (University of Virginia), Buildings, Landscapes, and Memory: Case Studies in Historic Preservation, Norton & Company Press, 2010
Book: Catherine W. Bishir (North Carolina State University), Crafting Lives: African American Artisans in New Bern, North Carolina, 1770-1900, University of North Carolina Press, 2013
Article: Cary Carson (Colonial Williamsburg), “Banqueting Houses and the ‘Need of Society’ among Slave-Owning Planters in the Chesapeake Colonies,” in William and Mary Quarterly, October 2013

Book: Cary Carson (Colonial Williamsburg) and Carl Lounsbury (Colonial Williamsburg, College of William and Mary), eds., The Chesapeake House: Architectural Investigation by Colonial Williamsburg, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and University of North Carolina Press, 2013
Article: Margaret Ruth Little (North Carolina SHPO), “Getting the American Dream for Themselves: Postwar Modern Subdivisions for African Americans in Raleigh, North Carolina,” in Buildings and Landscapes 19:1, 2012
Essay: Ethel Goodstein-Murphree (University of Arkansas), “The Common Place of the Common Carrier: The American Truck Stop,” in Visual Merchandising: The Image of Selling, ed. Louisa Iarocci, Ashgate, 2013

Book:  Ellen Weiss (Tulane University), Robert R. Taylor and Tuskegee: An African American Architect Designs for Booker T. Washington, New South Press, 2011
Article: Philippe Oszuscik (University of South Alabama), “Eighteenth-Century Concerns for ‘Healthy Buildings’ on the North Gulf Coast,” Arris, 2011

Book: Michelangelo Sabatino (University of Houston), Pride in Modesty: Modernist Architecture and the Vernacular Tradition in Italy, University of Toronto Press, 2010
Article: Travis McDonald (Poplar Forest), “The East and West Wings of the White House: History in Architecture and Building,” White House History 29, Summer 2011, 44-87

Book: Louis Nelson (University of Virginia), The Beauty of Holiness: Anglicanism & Architecture in Colonial South Carolina, Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 2008
Article: Kim Sexton (University of Arkansas), “Justice Seen: Loggias and Ethnicity in Early Medieval Italy,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 68:3, September 2009, 308-337

Book: George B. Johnston (Georgia Institute of Technology), Drafting Culture: A Social History of Architectural Graphic Standards, Cambridge, MIT Press, 2008
Article: Louis P. Nelson (University of Virginia), “Sensing the Sacred: Anglican Material Religion in Early South Carolina,” Winterthur Portfolio 41, Winter 2007, 203-237.
Article Honorable Mention: Kenneth Hafertepe (Baylor University), “Restoration, Reconstruction or Romance? The Case of the Spanish Governor’s Palace in Hispanic-Era San Antonio Texas,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 67:3, September 2008, 412-433.
Essay: Richard Cleary (University of Texas at Austin), “Frank Lloyd Wright and the Romance of the Master Builder,” in Frank Lloyd Wright from Within Outward, eds. Richard Cleary et al., New York, Rizzoli, 2009, 46-57

Book: Kathryn E. Holliday (University of Texas at Arlington), Leopold Eidlitz: Architecture and Idealism in the Gilded Age, New York, W. W. Norton, 2008
Book Honorable Mention: Anthony Alofsin (University of Texas at Austin), When Buildings Speak: Architecture as Language in the Hapsburg Empire and Its Aftermath, 1867-1933, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2006
Article: Richard Cleary (University of Texas at Austin), “Texas Gothic, French Accent: The Architecture of the Roman Catholic Church in Antebellum Texas,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 66:1, March 2007, 60-83

Book: Mary Hoffschwelle (Middle Tennessee State University), The Rosenwald Schools of the American South, University Press of Florida, 2006
Article: Clifton Ellis (Texas Tech University), “The Mansion House at Berry Hill Plantation: Architecture and the Changing Nature of Slavery in Antebellum Virginia,” in Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture 13:1, 2006
Essay: Robert M. Craig (Georgia Institute of Technology), “Pilgrimage Route to Paradise: The Sacred and Profane along the Dixie Highway,” in Looking Beyond the Highway: Dixie Roads and Culture, eds. Claudette Stager and Martha Carver, University of Tennessee Press, 2006

Book: Michael W. Fazio (Mississippi State University) and Patrick A. Snadon (University of Cincinnati), The Domestic Architecture of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006
Essay: Pamela H. Simpson (Washington and Lee University), “Cereal Architecture: Late-Nineteenth-Century Grain Palaces and Crop Art,” in Building Environments: Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture X, eds. Kenneth A. Breisch and Alison K. Hoagland, Knoxville, University of Tennessee Press, 2005, 269-282.
Article: Daniel J. Vivian (South Carolina SHPO) “A Practical Architect: Frank P. Milburn and the Transformation of Architectural Practice in the New South, 1890-1925,” Winterthur Portfolio 40:1, Spring 2005, 17-45

Book: Robert M. Craig (Georgia Institute of Technology), Bernard Maybeck at Principia College: The Art and Craft of Building, Gibbs Smith Publishers, 2004
Article: Kenneth Hafertepe (Baylor University), “The Romantic Rhetoric of the Spanish Governor’s Palace, San Antonio, Texas,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly, October 2003
Essay: Robert W. Blythe (National Park Service Southeast Regional Office), “Unraveling the Threads of Community Life: Work, Play, and Place in the Alabama Mill Villages of the West Point Manufacturing Company,” in Constructing Image, Identity, and Place: Perspectives of Vernacular Architecture IX, eds. Alison K. Hoagland and Kenneth A. Breisch, University of Tennessee Press, 2003

Book: Christopher Domin (University of Arizona) and Joseph King (Florida), Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses, New York, Princeton Architectural Press, 2002
Articles: Paul Kruty (University of Illinois), “At Work in the Oak Park Studio,” Arris 14, 2003
Thomas Earle Larose, “The Building of Richmond’s Loew’s Theater and the Richmond Garage, 1925-1928,” Arris 13, 2002
Essay: Pamela H. Simpson (Washington and Lee University), “The Great Lee Chapel Controversy and the ‘Little Group of Willful Women’ Who Saved the Shrine of the South,” in Monuments to the Lost Cause: Women, Art and the Landscapes of Memory, eds. Cindy Mills and Pamela H. Simpson, Knoxville, University of Tennessee Press, 2003

Book: Elsbeth K. Gordon, Florida’s Colonial Architectural Heritage, Gainesville, University Press of Florida, 2002
Special Series Award: Catherine Bishir (North Carolina State University) and Michael Southern (North Carolina SHPO), A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Eastern North Carolina; A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Western North Carolina; A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Piedmont North Carolina, University of North Carolina Press, 1996, 1999, 2003
Article: Camille Wells, “Virginia By Design: The Making of Tuckahoe and the Remaking of Monticello,” Arris 12, 2001, 44-73
Essay: Mark Reinberger (University of Georgia), “The Architecture of Sharecropping: Extended Farms of the Georgia Piedmont,” in Constructing Image, Identity, and Place, Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture IX, University of Tennessee Press, 2003, 101-115

Book: Dorothy Metzger Habel (University of Tennessee), The Urban Development of Rome in the Age of Alexander VII, Cambridge University Press, 2001
John M. Bryan (University of South Carolina), Robert Mills: America’s First Architect, Princeton Architectural Press, 2001
Article:  Charles R. Mack (University of South Carolina), “Fictive Spaces for Monastic Places: Art and Architecture in Fifteenth Century Florence,” Arris 12, 2001
Essay:  J. William Rudd (University of Tennessee), The Organic: Nature, People, Design:  An Essay on Value, Meaning and Attitudes in Art, Design and Especially Architecture, Knoxville, College House Enterprises, 2002

Additional information is forthcoming.