Arris is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original scholarship on all aspects of the history of architecture and landscape, with particular interest in new perspectives on the American South. Contributions include research articles, field notes, and book reviews. Founded in 1989, Arris is published annually by the Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians (SESAH), a regional chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians. SESAH promotes scholarship on architecture and related subjects and serves as a forum for ideas among architectural historians, architects, preservationists, and others involved in professions related to the built environment. Starting with Volume 28 (2019), Arris has been published in partnership with the University of North Carolina Press.

Arris is available in print and online. The full text of all past issues of Arris is free to SESAH members via a password-protected portal and available to non-members via Project MUSE. If you have trouble logging in, email

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Past Issues of Arris

In 2015, Arris was awarded an Honorable Mention by International Design Awards (IDA). That year, Maria Sinisterra, a master’s degree student at Savannah College of Art and Design, worked with Robin Williams, Arris co-editor and chair of the Architectural History Program, and Jason Fox, chair of the Graphic Design Program, to give the cover and interior pages a more contemporary look. This striking new design continues to be used for Arris.

Articles, field notes, and book reviews published in Arris may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, including illustrations, except for classroom and noncommercial use (beyond the copying permitted by sections 107 and 108 of the U.S. Copyright Law), without obtaining written permission from SESAH. The abstract of any article may be quoted without obtaining permission, as long as complete author, title, and source credit is given. Longer quotations require written permission through the current editors of Arris. The current editors of Arris in the year the request is made are to be contacted regarding written permissions. Noncommercial uses include government use, author use as part of their professional development, and use by tax-exempt entities. Commercial use includes any promotional use, whether gratis or at cost, by for-profit entities. Fees may be charged for the granting of permission.

Current and Past Editors of Arris


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Vandana Baweja and Carrie Dilley
Mark Reinberger and Vandana Baweja
Mark Reinberger
Alfred Willis and Virginia Barrett Price
Robin Williams and Celeste Lovette Guichard
Barbara Klinkhammer and Gregor Kalas
Leslie Sharp and Mark Reinberger
Leslie Sharp
Stephen James
Anat Geva and Nancy J. Volkman
David Gobel and Daves Rossell
Pamela Simpson and Delos Hughes
Ethel Goodstein and C. Murray Smart, Jr.
Rachel McCann and Michael Fazio
Marian Moffett and Lawrence Wodehouse