The Journal of the Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians

Please contact Lydia Mattice Brandt, chair of the Arris Committee, with any questions at

Please submit your manuscript in an electronic format. This should be an e-mail attachment as a MS Word document to Images may be attached as a single PDF or powerpoint or in a folder stored on a cloud service and linked in the body of your email. If your attachment is greater than 1 MB, send a separate email indicating that you have submitted a paper.

Please note: Only original work neither published nor under review elsewhere will be considered.

The deadline for consideration for Volume 30 is February 15, 2019.

Manuscripts should conform to the following guidelines:


In general, submissions should follow the guidelines set by the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians. Submission should include the following:

1. A title page with the title and author(s) information (i.e., name(s), affiliation(s), postal and e-mail addresses, phone)

2. A one-page, approximately 200-word abstract that summarizes the research question, research approach, and summary of findings.

3.  The body of the paper should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages of 12-point text and footnotes. For blind-review process author(s)’s information should be OMITTED from the body of the paper and be included ONLY on the title page.

4.  Captions for illustrations should be typed in numerical order and placed at the end of the manuscript

5.  Label the document with author’s last name.doc (i.e., smith.doc)

6. Good quality, clearly reproducible black and white illustrations are encouraged.  Most articles contain 15 or fewer illustrations. Illustrations should be sent as electronic files, preferably in TIFF format.  They should be scanned as black-and-white images at a minimum size of 5″ x 7″ inches at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Label each file with author’s last name.figure number.format (i.e. smithfig1.tiff).


1. Footnotes should follow The Chicago Manual of Style.
2. Number footnotes consecutively with Arabic numerals.
3. Place book and journal titles in italics.
4. Do not abbreviate the names of journals.

Editorial Miscellany

1. Paragraph format: double-spaced with justification. Do not indent paragraphs; double-space between paragraphs. Place two spaces between sentences.
2. Sections: capitalized HEADINGS; lower case title Sub-Headings; Align flush left; double-space after headings and sub heading.
3. Quotations: direct quotations of five lines or more should be typed as a separate paragraph with no initial indentation and a blank line space left below.
4. Gender references: use gender-neutral references to the greatest extent possible.
5. Word emphasis: use italics.
6. All other editorial issues may be resolved by consulting The Chicago Manual of Style.


It is essential that authors provide high-quality black-and-white illustrations.

1. The list of illustrations should include figure reference numbers, with information in this order for each figure: designer, name of building or object, location, date of construction, date of destruction (if applicable), description of illustration (example: view of living room), source.
2. Figures references: Reference each illustration within the text in the following manner: (Figure1).
3. Contributors must submit a copy of owner’s permission to reproduce any non-original illustrations. Fees for permission to reproduce illustrations are paid by the author.

Final Manuscripts

1. After an article has been accepted for publication, an electronic submission via e-mail as an attached MS Word file or on a CD/DVD by post is required. Label your attached file with your last name.doc  (i.e., smith.doc)
2. Leave all margins, line spacing, page numbering, and font commands on the software’s default settings.
3. Scan images/illustrations at resolution of or above 300 dpi at the required size of reproduction.  Eliminate color data. If you use imaging software, keep above settings throughout. You may submit scanned illustrations as separate attached files via e-mail, or on a CD/DVD by post. Label the illustration with your last name.figure  number.jpg  (example: smith.fig1.jpg)
4. In lieu of scanned illustrations, you may provide high quality black-and-white glossy photographs of any subject, or high-quality photocopies of drawings. Label each photograph or photocopy on the back, with your last name and the figure number. Indicate the top of the illustration.
5. Before e-mailing the attached files or sending the CD/DVD, please verify that the file(s) can be accessed.

Book Reviews

Please send books to be reviewed (or nominations) by July 31 to:

Vandana Baweja
Assistant Professor
School of Architecture
University of Florida
1480 Inner Road, room 242
Gainesville FL 32611-5702

The books should represent outstanding scholarly contributions about the architecture of the South or by authors who reside in the South (defined as SESAH member states).


Please direct any inquiries to Lydia Mattice Brandt at

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